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SHAPA : Technical Documents

On this page, we feature SHAPA technical information sheets on a wide variety of industry-related topics. These documents are intended for guidance and educational use only. Expert advice on particular subjects should always be sought.

If however you can't find what you are looking for here please feel free to ask us a question at our technical enquiries page

SHAPA Technical Information Documents

Click on a link to download the relevant information sheet (pdf format):

  1. Ten key steps for comparing dust extraction proposals
  2. Attrition and wear in pneumatic conveying
  3. Achieving reliable flow from existing hoppers
  4. Ten key steps for achieving reliable flow from hoppers
  5. Ensuring sound solids handling contracts
  6. Surface finish of stainless steel on fabricated items
  7. Compliance with legislation implementing the ATEX directives
  8. Useful sources of information
  9. Introduction to good manufacturing practice (GMP)
  10. Sizing of explosion relief vents
  11. The protection of silos from over pressurisation during filling
  12. Discharge Aids
  13. A practical guide to Rotary Valves
  14. The benefits of Powder Characterisation
  15. Dust Extraction - five ways to achieve long life with minimal expense
  16. Dust testing for DSEAR & ATEX Compliance
  17. Comparison of the New and Old Machinery Directives - 2006/42/EC and 98/37/EC
  18. Best practice guide for handling of Biomass
  19. Dust Hood Selection
  20. Sizing of Explosion Relief Vents (updated 2014)

SHAPA Application Sheets

Click on a link to view the relevant application sheet:

  1. Atex presentation
  2. Capacitance probes review
  3. Cartridge filter technology
  4. Dust Explosion Protection using Flameless Venting
  5. Rotex screening
  6. Weighing Accuracy Fundamentals


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