SHAPA are the UK's leading specialist association for the solids handling and processing industry

All our members are established specialists within their fields, and have the experience and commercial standing to provide quality, cost-effective solutions for all aspects of mechanisation for bulk materials handling and storage, conveyors, dust collection and control, instrumentation, mixers, big bag handling, sampling systems, sieves, valves and weighing systems and equipment.

Simply better by design

It is well known that an elegant design that works reliably is devoid of baulking obstructions and ambiguities and is simple to understand and operate. It is, of necessity, the result of ingenuity, experience, good applied science and engineering. Crucially the designers will have taken the time to learn about the owners’ and operators’ materials, processes and needs. SHAPA has been promoting design excellence in solids handling and processing machinery and techniques for more than thirty years. The updated website has just made the task of product and technology selection in this diverse industrial sector one step simpler. In a diverse industry set encompassing a huge variety of mechanical, electrical and electronic devices, SHAPA has become the premier “central resource” for installers, users and operators.

The revised and updated website has three instantly accessible sections headed Equipment Finder, Members and Technical. In the Equipment Finder section will reveal all the categories from Bag Handling to Sieves with sub-headings leading directly to the SHAPA member companies specialising in the selected discipline. With over one hundred member companies, the product finder list does provide the data required to progress any solids handling and processing project. Member companies are regularly provided with the most recent commercial, legislative and technical information to confidently enable them to offer well engineered and appropriate solutions. It is a tight knit community of companies many of whom are either suppliers to, or customers of fellow members and as such the regular members’ general meetings are both informative and very useful networking opportunities.

An insight into the technical information available may be gained by visiting the Technical section on the website. Much of this data is available free for general use as part of SHAPA’s mission to benefit industry at large. However, membership opens the door to greater in-depth knowledge and advice on a range of relevant topics. You may enter any relevant technical question on the simple enquiry page under SHAPA: Technical Advice. Such enquiries will be actioned quickly and passed to member companies best able to deal with the question. This could be a quick route to finding a suitable company from whom to obtain a quotation. Of course, if you are a supplier within our industries, the next step should be to enquire about whether SHAPA membership could benefit your organisation.

Since 1981 SHAPA has existed to be the focus of excellence within our industries and be the association of choice for its manufacturers and suppliers. 2018 sees the Association in rude health, with many long standing members and actively attracting new companies. The updated website, by innovative design, showcases the continuing advantages of SHAPA to its members and industry at large. Visit, or for further information email or call 01904 373040

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