SHAPA are the UK's leading specialist association for the solids handling and processing industry

All our members are established specialists within their fields, and have the experience and commercial standing to provide quality, cost-effective solutions for all aspects of mechanisation for bulk materials handling and storage, conveyors, dust collection and control, instrumentation, mixers, big bag handling, sampling systems, sieves, valves and weighing systems and equipment.

Returning to Normal


With the total lockdown released by the UK government and being replaced with a more targeted approach, UK and European organisations are starting to get back to working more productively. However, as the overall situation has not yet stabilised with new Covid spikes being found across Europe and the deepening crisis in the Americas, Middle East and India, exporting and importing is going to be significantly different going forward. With new quarantine restrictions being announced a mere 30 hours before they come into effect, overseas travel to carry out business has significantly reduced and due to the low numbers flying, costs to go and see clients and distributers have in some cases tripled in price all leading to further barriers to trade all of which makes for challenging times ahead.

As we approach the new school term there is still some uncertainty and confusion over which and what measures need to be put in place for each school and college. Office staff are now being encouraged by the government to go back to their offices, but new studies cast doubt on the safety of working in unventilated spaces such as large office complexes. and as a result each establishment will need to risk assess their own buildings and consult with staff as to which mode of operation works for them. This all creates another level of administration and burden on companies that are already low on staff and new contracts. A worrying sign of a change that is coming is the dramatic increase in business insurance costs as insurers are becoming more risk adverse, especially in the construction and engineering sectors. At SHAPA with our free to use Business Helpline you can be assured that the latest and up to date critical information is available at your fingertips.     

Based on our experience, more and more of us are now working from home permanently, most tasks can be carried out remotely using virtual platforms. However, there will always be a need to visit your own offices and client sites, to review equipment and proposals and to ensure that any equipment installed fully meets the needs of the process. In the early stages of a proposal when gathering information is key to providing the right solution for a new process, having the right questions to ask is fundamental, especially if these proposals are being formulated remotely. This is where the total cost of ownership document on the SHAPA website is a vital tool in your arsenal and  will point you in the right direction when looking for a well-designed and functional plant.

Companies, Consultants, Project Managers and all those involved with new solids handling projects or updating existing process plant should head for the Equipment Finder on the SHAPA website  just a click or two away. The range and scope of the bulk handling equipment available is second to non and you can be assured that the members of SHAPA will always design and develop your plant ensuring the highest standards and professionalism at all times.  Alternatively, you can email your enquiry direct to or make contact by phone on 01904 373040.

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