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Diverter valves

Find The Best Diverter Valves

The sole purpose of a diverter valve is to control your boiler’s water flow.  

This will enable your system to provide a steady flow of hot or cold water whenever it is required. Although the principle of this mechanism will always be the same, there are different types of diverter valves available, each with their own unique mode of operation.  A good example would be the Diaphragm Valve, which is constructed from aluminium and is typically used with Rooftop Heaters, Commercial Water Heaters or Atmospheric boilers.

The following companies are full SHAPA members, and with a proven track record in providing high-quality solutions for diverter valves, are our recommended suppliers of your requirements for your diverter valves equipment. Please click on a name to find out more about the company.

Each valve comes in a range of sizes so it can be fitted to a wide range of models.  If your existing boiler is causing significant noise pollution, you’ll be relieved to hear that valves can often help to reduce such disturbances – regardless of your boilers’ size or density.

A one-size-fits-all approach is not always recommended. That’s why boiler valves can be customised to meet precise specifications.

The SHAPA database contains an up to date list of expert members who can help you choose the best diverter valves.

For more details about suppliers of diverter valves, please click the links above.


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