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Rotary valve systems

Rotary Valves Explained

The following companies are full SHAPA members, and with a proven track record in providing high-quality solutions for rotary valve systems, are our recommended suppliers of your requirements for your rotary valve systems equipment. Please click on a name to find out more about the company.

In the event that you have not encountered the term ‘rotary valve’ before, then there are two important things you need to know.

The first function a rotary valve performs is to discharge bulk granules or powders using gravity flow. Its design is very simple – in that it only uses one moving part. Despite this it is still able to perform a wide variety of tasks. Successfully regulating product flow and controlling gas pressure differentials are just two examples that serve to underline the rotary valve’s versatility.

The other – and equally important – role it performs is to act as a barrier in the event of an explosion. These can be placed in silos or at other strategic locations within your premises. You’ll need to seek expert consultation on this before purchasing your rotary valve.

The size of rotary valves vary and so do their rotor speeds. They can also be modified to meet precise specifications.

For more details about suppliers of rotary valve systems, please click the links above.


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